May 25th-29th
Performers & Performing Grounds at Sofia Underground Festival [BUL]
February 21th
Performing Grounds book featured at Phosmag magazine [ITA]

Performing Grounds, photography book published by Trema Förlag, Stockholm
November 15th
Emergency Index Vol.5 with Salon Rouge, Ugly Duckling Presse New York
October 21 - 26th
Performers & Performing Grounds, photography installation,
M:ST-Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival, Calgary [CA]
September 10th-16th
Express Padala with Irene Pascual at Taiwan Annual Show invited by 98B/ Manila, Taipei
February 24 - May 8th
Performers & Performing Grounds, photography installation,
Marrakech Biennale-Parallel Projects [MAR]
April 9th
Blago Bung Event #10, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich [CH]
15th March
Salon Rouge with Heinrich Obst, book release, published by Bureau Gruzemeyer [BE]